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Rainy day soup

This is a strange, rainy month here in Northern California—usually the rain stops mid-March except for a shower or two, and doesn’t start up again until October or November. But this year, it’s as if the Monsoon keeps drifting across … Continue reading

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Economics and balls

From Larry, via an old fraternity brother. The sport of choice in the inner city is BASKETBALL. The sport of choice for blue-collar workers is FOOTBALL. The sport of choice for white collar workers is BASEBALL. The sport of choice … Continue reading

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Poems by heart

One year at the Squaw Valley Poetry Workshop, Bob Hass gave a craft talk in which he said he had memorized his own poetry by driving around with a cassette of his poems. I’d been memorizing poems for a long … Continue reading

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What’s in a name?

A reader asked why I chose the blog name Dactyls & Drakes. When I was thinking about a name, I wanted something that would encompass both poetry and the mini-ecosystem I’m creating—garden, animals, weird inventions. I first thought poetry and … Continue reading

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Poets Out Loud!

Want to hear F. Scott Fitzgerald reading Keats? or H.D.’s cultured accent reading her long poem, Helen in Egypt? or William Carlos Williams folksy tones as he reads his seminal A Red Wheelbarrow poem? or Lorine Niedecker, Jack Spicer, Robert … Continue reading

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Hungary, World War II, the genius of Julie Orringer

Last night we went down to Stanford to hear Julie Orringer read from her novel The Invisible Bridge. is her website.  I loved her book of stories, how to breathe underwater, when it appeared several years ago, and bought The … Continue reading

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To give or not to give, that is the question

Does it annoy you when the cashier at Whole Foods asks if you want to donate or receive bag credit? Are you equally uncomfortable giving to panhandlers or not giving? It seems like we’re barraged by requests for donations at … Continue reading

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Chickens, Driving at Night

It seems to me that chickens are the perfect eco-accessory. Here they are, a few days old, when they were still in the laundry room. They grow quickly, provide eggs and meat, and are omnivores. I ground up the remains … Continue reading

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Pear Tart and Poetry

I’ve written a lot about food and cooking, and wrote this poem after making a Julia Child tart. Loaves and Fishes This weekend, while I poach the perfect pears in wine and sugar and ginger, while I bake paté brisée, … Continue reading

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Cheap Eats

It occurs to me that along with a ruinous national debt, we’re leaving our children untold reams of blather that they’ll have to pick through to find any useful advice. So I’m going to post at least some practical information here. … Continue reading

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