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William Burroughs, a guy with a weird imagination if there ever was one (Dr. Benway, I presume?), wore plain gray suits to preserve a certain public anonymity. I feel the same way about bumper stickers. I want my gray car … Continue reading

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Mackinnon-Patterson risotto

Last night I made a spring tomato risotto recipe from the “Fast Slow Food” series in the Wall Street Journal. I had a lot of spring tomatoes from the farmers’ market, and the recipe called for Carnaroli rice. I had a … Continue reading

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Monday, Monday

A friend spent the night last night, and added to our breakfast conversation by reading aloud from the Monday Metropolitan Diary section of the New York Times: “Practice, practice, practice may be the way to Carnegie Hall, but is it … Continue reading

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From the Farmers’ Market

This is what I bought at the Kensington Farmers’ Market today. The meat packages are lamb bacon and goat stew. The little plastic container is baba ghanoush, with a piece of local parmesan wrapped in brown paper next to it, … Continue reading

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Morning meander

Foggy Berkeley summer mornings abet the lazy web discovery process. What a treasure the internet is. How delicious that the military invented it, didn’t really know what to do with it, and gave it to us. Here is a short … Continue reading

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Opinionated cooks

Some of the most charmingly biased writing can be found in the prose of great cooks. Here is Marcella Hazan’s aria on vegetables: “Perhaps one day the vitality of these still-flourishing markets will be replaced by the pallor of deep-freeze … Continue reading

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The Amazing Original Homemade Compost Buster

Okay, I have promised MacGyver-type solutions on this site, and here is the first one (if you don’t count the bee egg, which I didn’t invent): the amazing, fabulous, original compost and chicken food grinder, made for a total of … Continue reading

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Solstice at Chapel of the Chimes

Every year on the afternoon and evening of the solstice, the Garden of Memory, at Chapel of the Chimes in Oakland, Julia Morgan’s amazing, labyrinthine columbarium, hosts a concert of eclectic music: didgeridoos, electronic music, strange machines that emit sound, … Continue reading

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Breakfast chez moi

This morning: sauteed onions, thai basil, garlic chives, and tarragon with baby kale (all from the garden) topped with softly steamed eggs. I sauteed the onions first in coconut ghee, added the herbs and kale, broke the eggs on top … Continue reading

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Youth is cruel

Larry just came in to tell me that Hugh Heffner’s 25-year-old fiance has jilted him. Apparently, she was just using him. Larry sez: It’s really cruel to use someone who has done nothing but give all his life.

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