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Break in the action

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You Ain’t Nothin’ but a Hound Dog

This morning’s NY Times had an obituary for Jerry Leiber, who along with Mike Stoller visited Johnny Otis as teenagers and heard Big Mama Thornton sing “Ball and Chain.” Inpired, they went home and wrote “Hound Dog,” in about 12 … Continue reading

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Garden, chickens, bees

It’s a very foggy August here in the East Bay, and I think the red mulch is really helping the garden to flourish. I have a tomato jungle with many green and some ripe tomatoes, corn almost ready to eat, … Continue reading

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Guess who came to dinner?

The chef made a repeat visit, which I found pretty flattering. I also invited a couple of friends whose company I enjoy—as easy to cook for five as for three. I made bruschetta with roasted baby tomatoes, a cucumber, jicama … Continue reading

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A pint of plain…

In the rarified intellectual world of boarding school, I arrived as a naïf in 10th grade. I was lucky to make a friend who later became a translator of Octavio Paz. He was always willing to explain a poem or … Continue reading

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A penny for your prayer

I really try to ignore the political scene. It’s just too depressing, and like the changing of time for Daylight Savings and back, feels totally outside my control. But after reading today about prayer breakfasts on Capitol Hill, I felt … Continue reading

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Movie, garden, poetry

This clematis lived in a pot for five years and is finally in the ground, thriving. It almost died several times, and I wasn’t sure it would make it after the final transplant–it was just a bundle of brown sticks. … Continue reading

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So much to read, so little time

But if you’re looking for a easy-to-read mystery with a twist, try Out of the Blackout, by Robert Barnard, which I learned about from Harriet Devine’s blog–a terrific resource. In this well-paced and unusual story the murder may or may … Continue reading

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New standards of journalism

Talking about blogs over dinner, Larry says he read: One source = theft Two sources = research Zero = blog Here we are at zero!

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Quiet on the set

  For the past week, a movie crew has been using my house and garden as a set. Here the crew is setting up my kitchen.  The paper in front says “Hot Set” which meant takeout for dinner last night. I’m … Continue reading

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