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After the Kensington Farmer’s Market on Sunday, I wound up with six flats of strawberries and two of peaches.  So it’s been jam, jelly, and fruit butter city here. And I’m not done! Because you need to cook the fruit … Continue reading

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First egg

At last, when I looked in the nest box yesterday, I found a small, green egg: Americana chickens lay eggs that range in color from pale blue to olive green. I carried it up triumphantly and Larry dubbed it “the … Continue reading

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Hawk Hill

The hawks are headed South mostly, though the Audubon lecturer at Hawk Hill mentioned that they put a monitor on a Red-tailed Hawk who traveled up to eastern Oregon instead. Despite this outlier, if you live in the Bay Area, … Continue reading

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Random poetry

Although I sometimes do it, I think it’s kind of rude to give a copy of your book of poems to someone who hasn’t asked for it. I experience receiving an unsolicited book by a poet I don’t know as … Continue reading

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Unplanned outing

I had an unexpected chance to go on a walk on Mt. Tamalpais today, guided by David Lukas, who describes himself as a “freelance naturalist.” His guide, Sierra Nevada Birds is worth owning. I know of him from the walks … Continue reading

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I give a fig

Well, the fig poem project has been fun. Of course, the fig is the leaf that Eve and Adam use to cover their nakedness. It’s been around a long time.  I wondered, what about that expression “I don’t give a fig.”? I looked … Continue reading

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It’s not too late

You can still go to the amazing Heirloom Expo at the Sonoma County Fairgrounds in Santa Rosa (thru Thurs., 9/15) and see displays of heirloom plants, animals and vegetables. You can eat basil pressed watermelon, the best creamy coconut popsicle … Continue reading

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A bushel of blackberry poems

Even though I have been unsuccessful in my efforts to find and pick enough blackberries for jam, or even a pie, I have gathered five of my favorite blackberry poems, each somewhat characteristic of its author. First is Sylvia Plath, … Continue reading

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Blackberries turn to figs

Yesterday my friend Tung and I set off bright and early with her dog Toby to go blackberry picking. I love the process: finding the succulent black berries that are only sweet when perfectly ripe among the sour pretenders. The … Continue reading

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Barbara Larsen’s Enchiladas

Camping is great fun, and so is hanging out with nine-year olds, but it is tiring! Then it’s back to what’s piled up in the meantime. The garden is flourishing: I made enchiladas entirely from garden produce except for the … Continue reading

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