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Room with a view

    Goldfinches by day, sun set in the middle of the Golden Gate, and a poem that expresses the delight of a favorable day: On Being Asked to Define Bourgeois Individuality

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Bernini in San Francisco

The Wednesday before Thanksgiving we went over to the Palace of the Legion of Honor to see the Bernini Medusa. There is something extraordinarily moving about Bernini’s work, dating from the 1600’s. This head of Medusa shows her as she … Continue reading

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Amidst all the mawkish display of phony thankfulness one is subjected to this time of year, I want to give a small cheer for the articulate, opinionated work of Christopher Hitchens. On Larry’s suggestion, I’ve been reading some of the … Continue reading

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Extreme Money

Larry is reading Extreme Money, by Satyjit Das. Although it’s dense, it has some great quotes, that he occasionally reads to me. In this one, Warren Buffet foresaw the end of the financial bubble, before the most recent market crash: … Continue reading

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Poetry reading

A few weeks ago I was wondering if there was anything worse than a bad poetry reading–sitting captive in a low-ceilinged room in an uncomfortable chair listening to words that don’t seem to relate any meaning. The person I was … Continue reading

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Collective kvetching

  From the NY Subway: Working together turns individual kvetching into collective problem solving I enjoyed both the expression of the idea (only in NY!) and the contrast between the idea and the crew sitting in front of it.

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In the toilet

I have forgotten to include in this blog my most prestigious credential to date. I was selected as Poet Laureate of the World Toilet Organization. This seems like an honor appropriate to my station. It came about in this way. Friends … Continue reading

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Ann Patchett

I came to Bel Canto late because I don’t usually like best sellers. But Ann Patchett is a terrific writer. She really knows how to spin a plot, and creates wonderful images. I read her new book, State of Wonder … Continue reading

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Trombone tales

Larry went to a San Francisco Jazz event last night, Robin Eubanks talking and playing about the history of the jazz trombone. Robin told a story about Sun Ra, the jazz composer and “Arkestra” leader. Sun Ra was on the phone one day … Continue reading

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Dia de los Muertos

We have been celebrating Dia de los Muertos every year since at least 1979. Neither Larry nor I can remember exactly how the tradition started, except that we read about the celebrations in Mexico and liked the idea of integrating … Continue reading

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