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Low key

The blog will be taking a short break here, with two winter haiku (or really just very short poems). Winter Haiku morning hidden in fog: a gift wrapped in cool white tissue torn wrapping paper piled by the fireplace the … Continue reading

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Inside or Out?

No, not Santa’s whiskers and the covers, but stuffing and the turkey. I’ve been making big holiday dinners for decades. Until I found and tested this recipe from the NY Times, I’ve always thought that stuffing had to be in … Continue reading

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Fashion in Poetry

Poets, like hemlines, go in and out of fashion. Poetic styles, too, have their day and then seem shopworn, archaic. For a long time, rhyme was out of style. Poets who rhymed with regularity, the whole cannon of them, were … Continue reading

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Blake Garden

In North Berkeley, tucked off Arlington Avenue across from the library, is a street called Rincon Road. If you turn onto it, after a few hundred yards you come upon an imposing gate, behind which is the Blake Garden created … Continue reading

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Beethoven’s birthday

Yes it’s today. Or actually, December 17 is the date of his baptism. In homage to this famously cranky individual, I thought I’d print a little rant on Cafe Gratitude, a Northern California restaurant chain. Cafe Gratitude’s statement about itself … Continue reading

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Marvelous Merwin

I recently gave what may be my last business presentation at a conference in Austin. It was about finding a sustainable career path, and I ended it with this poem by W. S. Merwin (last year’s US Poet Laureate).

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Winter garden

The weather here in Northern California has been wonderfully sunny and warm for the last week or so, giving me time to get the labyrinth ready for winter, take down old tomato vines, and get the beds ready for planting. … Continue reading

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A new look, a new poem

I was getting tired of the heading for the blog, and also have enough posts that some might want to browse by categories. Melissa Donovan¬†whose skill, patience, and advice were so helpful in setting up the blog in the beginning, … Continue reading

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Art and the pursuit thereof

Looking this morning at Bob Ross’s website¬†made me reflect again on the difference between creating art and the effort of getting one’s art known. I know so many truly talented people in whose work outshines most of what is generally … Continue reading

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Bob Hass and Jim (Royal Dick) Rathmann

These two people have nothing in common, one a famous poet and teacher the other a renowned race car driver, except that I was reading first the obituary of Jim Rathmann in the NY Times this morning, and then Bob’s … Continue reading

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