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The mysterious Yacón, footsteps on the roof

My neighbor and I have gotten to be friends, bonding over our love of chickens. George is an avid gardener and I have been trading him eggs for various plants. The most recent is this Peruvian tuber, called a Yacón … Continue reading

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In praise of Berryman

I perfect my metres until no mosquito can get through… Beryman, Dreamsong 297 In the vagaries of poets’ reputations, Berryman is now up, while Lowell is down. This is a reversal of thirty years ago. Who can say why? I … Continue reading

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Automation in the chicken coop

I love my chickens, but I also love to travel.  I have already set up automated feed and watering systems and thanks to a friend who came to visit, I now have an automated chicken door that opens at dawn … Continue reading

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The problem with Lowell

I woke from dreams of not getting where I needed to be in a foreign country of endless lines and confusing roads. Somewhere there was a cafe, somewhere a bay. But I couldn’t find them. And for some reason, I … Continue reading

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Callista, Zeeko, and Burma Shave

I keep politics off these pages, but this morning over the Sunday Times, Larry said: “I don’t usually read the Style section, but I have to find out what Callista’s hair style means.” Apparently, it means that she is more … Continue reading

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Cluck and Glück

I didn’t know that Louise Gluck pronounced her name to rhyme with “click,” but that’s how it is. She read on Thursday night at Moe’s (yes, we still have a few bookstores in Berkeley!). It was a pleasure to listen to her … Continue reading

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The exemplary sentence, take 2

I recently finished Night Train to Lisbon, by the Swiss author, Pascal Mercier, translated by Barbara Harshav.  This is another book about a quest. In most ways, Henderson and Gregorius could not be more opposite: Henderson a flamboyant, wandering millionaire … Continue reading

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The exemplary sentence

I saw this idea on Mark Doty’s blog and immediately adopted it. I’ve been saving sentences for decades, and just now am rereading Saul Bellow’s Henderson the Rain King. This is the only one of Bellow’s books I’ve ever liked, … Continue reading

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The paw of time

My friend Simone sent me a link to an unusual online art exhibit.  There is a certain charm to these simple watercolors, “made anonymously in India (especially in Rajasthan) by practitioners of Tantrism.” After looking through them, I was moved … Continue reading

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Slug fest

It was a misty, moisty morning, a perfect day for slugs (if not for banana fish).  I walked the labyrinth several times, to pick them off the greens. Each time I gathered a handful, which the chickens got to enjoy … Continue reading

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