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A sign and a statue

Walking around the streets of New York City is such a pleasure. Here is my favorite sign,  from in front of Whole Foods in Union Square: I told him I’d post this.  Be sure to text if you’re interested.

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In praise of TV

If you’re a New Yorker subscriber, you know how relentlessly the weekly magazine arrives. Unread copies piling up around the house could replace the movie image of pages of the calendar flipping by to show elapsed time. But then comes … Continue reading

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International Book Week

To celebrate International Book Week, open to the book closest to you right now. Turn to page 52. Copy the fifth sentence in the comments section below. Don’t mention the title. Thanks to Bill Noble for this idea! “Voice: Croaking … Continue reading

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My grand transformational process

This morning, Larry read part of David Brooks’ column on the driving economic force of grandiose entrepreneurs. Of course, Steve Jobs would be a prime example, but Brooks focused on Elon Musk, whose serial entrepreneurship has made him a billionaire. … Continue reading

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Luminous vegetables

In past gardens, I’ve planted rows of things–many of each plant. In this year’s garden, I limited myself: one zucchini, two eggplant, three cucumbers, five tomatoes.  I didn’t want to get overwhelmed at harvest. As it is, the productivity of … Continue reading

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Sliver of moon

I’ve been thinking about this poem by Martha Ronk. It seems to me to be about a full moon. The Moon over L.A. The moon moreover spills onto the paving stone once under foot. Plants it there one in front. … Continue reading

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Where metaphors come from

The young chickens–all four of them–have successfully integrated with the existing flock. Despite the dire predictions of my local chicken expert, the older hens did not kill or try to kill the young birds. I followed the advice of the … Continue reading

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The fascination of translation

I don’t know exactly why translating poetry is so fascinating. For me, it’s a way to work on a poem when I have no ideas of my own. The demands of translation–the fact that a literal translation just won’t do, … Continue reading

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Some thoughts on the common toad

Most of us read 1984 or Animal Farm in high school. But I think it’s in his essays that Orwell is without peer. They’ve just published his diaries, seventy-odd years after his death. Based on the reviews they seem mostly … Continue reading

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Houston, we have liftoff

After weeks of brush clearing, part ordering, putting up insulators, and stringing wire, we have a functioning electric fence surrounding the chicken run. Since Tuesday, when we went live, I heard the foxes the first morning–that is I heard the … Continue reading

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