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Holiday card

In past years, I’ve sent holiday cards with a short letterpress poem. But this year, thinking about all those trees and not finding a poem I felt could justify that, I decided to create an online version here. I was … Continue reading

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Bad books

Last week I read through the “notable books of 2012” section of the NY Times Book Review and put in reserves at the library for a bunch of them.  So far, I’ve started and given up on five of them … Continue reading

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Alchemy and hot fat

It’s easy to make jam–just fruit, sugar and cook until thick. You don’t have to worry much about it–it can be a little dense or a little runny, but it still spreads.  Jelly is a different thing entirely; you have … Continue reading

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Smart men

Larry was reading David Brooks’ column on Social Science this morning. It contained an observation that men are dumber around women. Researchers “gave men cognitive tests after they had interacted with a woman via computer. In the study… the male cognitive … Continue reading

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Meanwhile, back at the farm…

I know it’s weird that my fantasy life focuses on farm improvements. But this weekend, I executed three of them. The hen house was seeming a bit cramped, especially with four pullets soon to be added.  Also, the hens seemed … Continue reading

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The exemplary sentence

Regular readers know I stole this category from Mark Doty’s blog. And now I’ve stolen an image of a diagrammed sentence from another blog I like, Jottings, by Jim to be its icon.  Does anyone under 50 even know what diagramming a … Continue reading

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Cheese ball

This morning in my email I received a poem about cheese from E-Verse radio, a blog a enjoy. I realized I had my own cheese poem.  So here we go for Poetry Monday: Cheese Ball Whole factories are dedicated to … Continue reading

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Rainy day projects

When I was in college, I briefly got a free room in a wonderful old farm house outside Cambridge in exchange for being a housekeeper for a bunch of Harvard business school grad students. (One of them was Wally Haas–the … Continue reading

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