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Of stockmen and stock markets

In an email exchange, a friend who is attending the Cowboy Poetry Festival in Elko Nevada, mentioned that she is staying at the Stockman’s Hotel. “I’m assuming that’s not a name that was decided on by a marketing agency, so … Continue reading

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Poetry Monday

How quickly the weeks roll by! I can remember lying on my great-aunt’s chaise lounge while visiting with my mother. Maybe I was 10.  I watched dust motes sift slowly down in a shaft of sun and thought life would … Continue reading

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More gadgets

I probably could do four or five posts on kitchen gadgets. I have several on eggs alone. For example, here’s Henrietta hen, who makes perfect softboiled eggs:       A little slicer that snips off the top of said … Continue reading

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Two events and a footnote

Until February 3, you have a chance to see the Jay DeFeo retrospective at SF MOMA. She is best know for her gargantuan work, The Rose, a composition layered together over years. This image shows her working on it. But … Continue reading

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Sorting through boxes

Does everyone have boxes of children’s art, old letters, and other paper memorabilia they’ve saved over the years? I have at least half a dozen of them that I haven’t looked at in decades, and this week I tackled the … Continue reading

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Talking to the dead

We have a small alter in the living room with photos of the closest group of our beloved dead, parents, my older brother.  I put flowers there daily, and think of them, sometimes talk to them. But this is different … Continue reading

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Renaissance Man

Aside from baseball, bridge, collecting blues and jazz autographs, and having taught me to cook many years ago, before he tiptoed out of the kitchen for several decades, Larry is also the publisher of hit & run press, and has … Continue reading

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No liability

Although the pros wait until the end of February to start spring training, Larry’s Senior League, the Creakers, has it’s first pickup game today. Larry’s off to test his new bat. With  the warning label in mind, I told him … Continue reading

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Larry’s bat, plus kitchen gadgets

Larry’s birthday is coming up and luckily he has bought himself a present, a new Miken Ultra II bat, made of the same composite as the stealth bomber. He doesn’t usually bat left-handed but needed to here, because of the … Continue reading

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More transcendence

After the last post, Simone sent me a report on a heron rookery, and it mentioned damsel bugs and dragon flies.  I wasn’t going to post two poems in a row, but the coincidence with this poem and its damselflies … Continue reading

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