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The chickens lend a helping foot

Yesterday was the last Saturday of the month, which is the day of the great Berkeley compost giveaway. From 7:30 in the morning till it runs out, energetic Berkeley gardeners can shovel as much compost as we want into whatever … Continue reading

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Larry was telling me how North Korea says its rockets are poised to attack Washington DC, Los Angeles and Austin, Texas. “How did Austin get in there?” Larry asked. “Why not Washington, Chicago and Peoria?” Earlier, I had been commenting on … Continue reading

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The Exemplary Sentence

Forty years ago or so, I saw the Japanese film, Woman in the Dunes. It made a vivid impression on me, and the other day, I happened on the novel it was made from, by Kobo Abe. Here is a … Continue reading

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Realism in poetry

Sometimes you come across a poem that simply seems like a statement, as if there were no poetics involved; the poet is simply stating a series of facts in a way that happens to be particularly moving.  I think that … Continue reading

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Pizza–delicious and gluten-free

My friend Tung handed me a little baggie of garbanzo bean flour the other day, and told me it made a delicious pizza crust. Just mix it with an equal part of water, and let it sit a few hours; … Continue reading

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Seed time

I have a weakness for seed catalogs but have discovered that most seed packages contain a nearly life-time supply of seeds–except the super-specialized ones.  So I have quite a trove of seeds, all ready to plant. I look through the … Continue reading

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Poetry Monday–the problem with poetry

I had two books of poetry from the library this week, The Collected Poems of Amy Clampitt, and Continuum, a selection of poems by Nina Cassian. Clampitt’s collected poems was 471 dense pages, and even though I have read a … Continue reading

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You know you’re in Venice…

when you step off the Big Blue Bus and meet Jane, the hat designer, who has a live dove in her hat. The #3 bus runs along Lincoln from LAX (or perhaps further south) to Santa Monica. It’s the best … Continue reading

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Pieces for the left hand

This title, pieces for the left hand, is usually about piano pieces.  But on one blog or another, I read about J. Robert Lennon’s book with that title, and it sounded interesting enough to check out.  These little vignettes are … Continue reading

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My community

I am lucky to live on a street where my neighbors love my rooster, in a town with good local businesses and a great Sunday Farmers’ Market, and a Fix-it Clinic, where you can bring your broken items and get … Continue reading

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