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Family photos

Sometimes I think that garden photos are about as boring as photos of someone else’s unknown family members on vacation, but this month, I can’t resist. Everything is just so lush: [slideshow_deploy id=’1532′] And I made my first dinner completely … Continue reading

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In praise of bad poems

After finding my childhood diary, I’ve been thinking about the huge numbers of bad poems one must be willing to write to arrive at a few good ones. Even the best poets seem to have to publish a lot of … Continue reading

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An exemplary sentence

I keep a long list of books to read, and occasionally update it with what I have read. The list mostly comes from book reviews, and once in awhile the review itself has a really great sentence, like this one … Continue reading

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Travels with Larry

After years when one of us had to be managing things at home–kids, work, whatever, Larry and I got used to separate vacations. But recently we traveled together to Sedona for a few days.  I remembered how much fun it … Continue reading

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Short Talks

I went to hear Anne Carson read. She is a classical scholar, poet, and essayist. I’m sure there’s a label for what she does–odd syntax, sometimes odd formats, a bit of scholarly snarkiness, and sometimes very beautiful language–you can read … Continue reading

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Going through boxes again, I came on my first diary. It dates from when I was six, and I can still remember being inspired to start writing when my mother gave me a metal box of index cards. Here are a … Continue reading

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May garden

Everything here is blooming, spouting, burgeoning.  The hens are laying, the bees are busy, and I watch the vegetables grow as much as an inch a day: [slideshow_deploy id=’1511′] It’s hard to be indoors at all…

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An exemplary sentence

I’ve been enjoying a book of essays on poetry, Madness, Rack, and Honey, an excellent read for literary-minded. I’ve mentioned the author, Mary Ruefle, before. There are many thought-provoking ideas interlaced in her very conversational, deceptively rambling style. Here’s one … Continue reading

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