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Back at Squaw Valley

I’ve posted about this intense week of poetry before, so I won’t explain it here. Each time I’ve come, it’s been a giant booster shot for my writing. Yesterday, I listened to an amazing craft talk by Forrest Gander. It … Continue reading

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World’s smallest batch of jam

Usually making jam or jelly is a big production, bags or flats of fruit, a morning or an afternoon set aside. But one of the joys of a garden is grazing, and yesterday I picked a couple of handfuls of … Continue reading

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Poetry Wednesday

Alright, I know it’s supposed to be Poetry Monday, but I was busy babysitting. Here is a poem by Fleur Adcock: Things There are worse things than having behaved foolishly in public. There are worse things than these miniature betrayals, … Continue reading

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More on the Epiphyllum

I posted this photo the other day, when the first of the Epiphyllum flowers bloomed. Yesterday, I watched a bee drench herself in pollen till she could hardly fly…                       … Continue reading

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New kids on the block

Two new male kittens have converted even Larry…

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Poetry Monday

I checked, and it’s been over a year since I posted a Berryman poem. Time for another–sadly prophetic–Dreamsong. The poem mentions Richard & Helen Blackmur. ¬†You can read the details of the visit here.   Henry’s Understanding

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Summer reading

This category seems to include both worthy projects–that is demanding books one ought to read but never has–and utterly undemanding books one can take the beach and laze away with on a summer’s day. Of course, summer on the coast … Continue reading

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I’ve been waiting for this…

I’ve had this Epiphyllum for a long time, but it’s been languishing in the wrong corner of the garden–too much sun or not the right sun. A few months ago I moved it towards the street where it gets filtered¬†late … Continue reading

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What about the chickens?

A reader asked, “Why haven’t I seen anything about them lately?” There are currently 11 hens and a rooster, the soft-voiced, gentlemanly Cloud, a Lavender Americana. The flock consists of three of my original six Americanas, four young Americanas, a … Continue reading

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