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I know it’s poetry Monday, but as I’ve been camping all week, no poem today. Instead, a little preview of the current exhibit at Terminal 3 at SFO. What a great idea to have art in the long corridor that … Continue reading

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More next week…

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Poetry Monday

Tony Hoagland wrote an article about teaching poetry in school, or rather about the need to change how we teach poetry in school, called Twenty Little Poems That Could Save America. His idea is that poetry as a living part … Continue reading

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The garden as jungle

It’s the time of year when everything is overgrown and it’s very hard to harvest without treading on something. Next year, more order in the garden! But for now we have loads of produce, the kittens are having a lot … Continue reading

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Neglected poets

There are so many good poets who don’t get much attention. Henri Coulette was a teacher at LA State, and influenced many lives. Here is one of his lighter, tender poems: Petition Lord of the Tenth Life, Welcome my Jerome, … Continue reading

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Poetry from Wall St.

You might or might not know that there was a big stock market rally yesterday. It came after the Fed announced (not quite this way) that they’re going to go on printing money to keep things all fluffed up. This … Continue reading

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Bony Moronie

Larry has been selling his vast collection of blues and jazz autographs, mostly on eBay, but also from his website. ┬áThis morning at breakfast, he was commenting on the sale of a Larry Williams autograph. In case (as for me) … Continue reading

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Foggy day with kittens

Yesterday was cold, windy and foggy. It might as well have been January. The kittens and I spent most of it on the couch with a good book, another Georgette Heyer novel. A perfect lazy day.

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New poets, new poems

One of the benefits of my week at the Squaw Valley Poetry Workshop was coming home with several books of poems by poets I hadn’t read much (or any) of before. Today I’m printing a poem by a Berkeley poet, … Continue reading

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