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Poetry Monday–Joe Lamb

A week or so ago I received a poem by Joe Lamb, tree wizard, poet, and friend, in my inbox. I thought I’d share it here: Star Thistle Go into the intimacy of your little eternity with the wild patience … Continue reading

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The tortures of the damned

The New Yorker arrives with relentless regularity even though our subscription expired in July. This week, there are excerpts from a diary Flannery O’Connor kept in when she was in her twenties, recently accepted to the Iowa Workshop. My first … Continue reading

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PhD in Cuteness

The kittens are adolescents now, but they are still a team that roams around getting into trouble pretty much all day long. I couldn’t resist making a video of them yesterday. I love how they seem to forget about the … Continue reading

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Poetry Monday

This poem, untitled when written, has since been labeled “Stalin Epigram.” Osip Mandelstam wrote it at the height of the Stalin purges, in 1933, and recited it to a literary gathering at Pasternak’s house. Someone at that gathering reported him, … Continue reading

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Fall at the farm

I have been doing the hard work of promoting my little book of translations (more about that another day). In between doing this work of pure attachment to the world, of assiduously courting its recognition for this project that means … Continue reading

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Formatting error

The weekly publication jWeekly published my poem, “The Afternoon Before the Day of Atonement,” which is great. Really, it’s a pleasure to be published there.  But there was a formatting mistake and the poem came out like prose.  I don’t … Continue reading

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On the radio

Here is a podcast from  J.P. Dancing Bear’s  radio show, FM91.5 KKUP’s “Out of Our Minds.” Bear does a one-hour poetry radio show every Wednesday night at 8 pm. I was lucky to be his guest. He’s a pro, and … Continue reading

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