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Another Ghazal

Monday, and here’s another poem I found in the book of Ghazals: Ravishing Disunities Summer Whites I want old-fashioned metaphor; I dress in black. My son was murdered. I bear witness in black. The graveyard shocks with rampant green. In … Continue reading

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Ghazal for Monday

I have been reading about and playing with the poetic form called a Ghazal. The rules of the Ghazal are that it is an unspecified number of couplets. The first couplet sets out a repeating word or phrase in first line, … Continue reading

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No there there, a short rant

I am taking a class on prosody, and yesterday, Gertrude Stein and her work came up in conjunction with form.  It led me to reflect on her and my reaction against words separated from meaning. From 1940-1944, while other Jews … Continue reading

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Another breakfast from the garden

Right now the garden is giving up its end-of-summer bounty.  This breakfast was potato, onion, garlic, and spinach from the garden, with eggs from the chickens. Only the mushrooms and baby fennel were from the farmers’ market: The plate below … Continue reading

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Poetry Monday: Erotica

Those of you who have been reading this blog for awhile know about my passion for libraries, how I like to have a card for any library I pass so I can go in and get a book. The only … Continue reading

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Living with Larry

One of the things I really like about living with Larry is that he often reads to me. When we were first together he did this a lot. I must have heard a good third of Ellman’s biography of Joyce … Continue reading

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Poetry Monday–From the Frontier of Writing

Somehow, it always seems to be Tuesday these days when I set out to post a Monday poem. Two weeks ago, Seamus Heaney died, and there were many of his poems posted here and there. This is one of my … Continue reading

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