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The magic of stock

I’ve written a lot about making stock and even included a basic recipe, but as many of you are wondering what to do with that turkey carcass taking up a good chunk of a shelf in your refrigerator, it seemed … Continue reading

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After seeing the movie Gravity…

Larry’s comment: “If I were George Clooney’s agent I’d tell him Clark Gable would never make a movie in which he spent the whole time with his head in a space helmet.”  

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The fall garden

After my trip to New England last month, where gardens are pretty much over for the year, I doubly appreciate being able to start a garden for fall and winter.  I took all the dead tomato stalks, pea vines, and … Continue reading

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Sharon Old’s Birthday

My calendar tells me it’s today.  Sharon has written so many wonderful poems it’s hard to choose one–poems about sex, about children, about her awful childhood, odes. But today I chose I joke poem, or maybe a poem that is … Continue reading

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Words about death

We have a broadside by Phillip Whalen up in our bathroom of a poem called “The Elizabethan Phrase.” It’s dated 1982, and signed in 1985. I asked Larry, who knows the dates of most poets, when Phillip Whalen died. “He’s … Continue reading

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Welcome to the Monkey House

I’ve been listening to these Kurt Vonnegut stories on DVD after reading them many years ago. Some are cranky and clunky, but many hold up pretty well. The one I remembered was “Harrison Bergeron,” a story set in the future, … Continue reading

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More Fennelly

A few weeks ago I posted a poem by Beth Ann Fennelly, I’d found in anthology of erotica. I have been looking at a couple of her books, and thought I’d post another today, a different kind of erotic. Once … Continue reading

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All the news…

In my world, if it bleeds, it’s skipped. Here are a few excerpts from the morning paper: “Lorenzo Robinson, the longtime and loquacious men’s room sentry at the lofty 21 Club died. Now..the restaurant’s general manager said he expected to … Continue reading

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Wyrebek on Monday

Thanks to a friend, I just watched an amazing video about animal communication.  Then I remembered this poem: Night Owl              You are nearing the land that is life. You will recognize it by its seriousness.                   –Rilke

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This post is for Lila

My granddaughter wrote a comment to an earlier post about airport art, and coming home from the East Coast, I saw a team installing the new show, Japanese Toys.  Pretty cool show, I think.  I had to stop and take … Continue reading

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