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Luckily for me

and my resolution to be more timely with Poetry Monday, a wonderful chapbook, “Little Oceans” by Tony Hoagland, arrived in the mail today.  I’ve posted his poems before, and some of these I’d read before, but I was so glad … Continue reading

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Sorting through the boxes

Have you saved every letter you ever got and every photo you ever took? It seems we have, boxes and boxes of them, moved from house to house, stored in attics, garages, rented storage spaces. We moved 21 times in … Continue reading

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Revising the blogroll

I realized that the list of blogs I read is out of date, so am updating. While I occasionally look at A Way to Garden, I’d rather find a more nuts and bolts gardening site. I’ve kept Gina Gotsill’s blog … Continue reading

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Monday miscellany

Thanks to MLK, who has given the working world a much-needed day of respite after everyone goes back to work after the holidays.  I hope, like me, you are taking the day slowly, in robe and slippers. Of course, as … Continue reading

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Mueller on Monday

My New Year’s resolution this year is to read the Constitution. Both lawyers I know who have taken Constitutional Law in law school, confess to not having read it all. They’ve focused on the case law around the document, and … Continue reading

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A brief survey

This lazy Sunday morning the phone rang. It was an airline from which Larry had recently purchased a ticket. Thinking there might be a problem, he answered. It turned out to be yet another request for a moment of his … Continue reading

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Emu egg and kitchen gadgets

I’m having a slow recovery from the holidays, though I can hardly blame the California weather. One of the highlights of our holiday breakfasts was an Emu egg I got at the farmers’ market. It was about 7″ long, and … Continue reading

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Starting the new year with a poem

This one is by Octavio Paz, a Mexican poet: January First The year’s doors open like those of language, toward the unknown. Last night you told me: tomorrow we shall have to think up signs, sketch a landscape, fabricate a … Continue reading

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