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Envy of Other People’s Poems

Talking with another poet about the discouraging series of rejections, the endless worry that one’s work is really good–how can one know? I remembered this wonderful little poem by Robert Hass, from Time and Materials. Envy of Other People’s Poems … Continue reading

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An exemplary sentence

Lately I have been enjoying the Saturday “Review” section of the Wall Street Journal a lot more than the NY Times “Book Review.” This is an excerpt of a Polish author,  Marek Hlasko, from a review by Nathaniel Popkin. It’s from … Continue reading

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Best Photo from rural CA

On my way home from Chico, I saw this: Also saw lots of ducks! I suppose the plucking goes with the guided hunt.  And of course, such a great phrase can’t go without its tongue twister: I’m not the duck … Continue reading

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Poets on Poetry

Of course, it’s Tuesday. Monday slipped by again, busy with spring planting, new baby chicks, and miscellaneous garden chores–they are endless. But for today I thought I’d share two famous poets words on poetry. Philip Levine and Marianne Moore: A … Continue reading

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The failed hatch

For those of you who follow the chicken saga, I wrote about my attempts to incubate or have my broody hen hatch some chicks.  I have to report failure on both counts. Nothing in my homemade incubator hatched. I wasn’t … Continue reading

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Too much I…

Sometimes it seems to me that poets, especially American poets, got derailed by the confessional poems of Lowell and Plath, and there is just too much self-absorption. Of course, everything experienced is filtered through the lense of self, but a … Continue reading

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More on Shirley Temple

In my post on Graham Greene’s analysis of Shirley Temple’s charms, I mentioned how Greene had to flee to Mexico to avoid libel charges.  The other day, Girl Scouts were selling cookies by the Farmers’ Market. “With an epidemic of … Continue reading

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An exemplary sentence

Once in awhile a sentence in a newspaper article startles me with its inventiveness, like this one by Natalie Angier from an article on Trilobites in the Tuesday Science Times. The scientist points to “a flawless specimen of Walliserops, a … Continue reading

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In Memoriam

Maxine Kumin died last month. Right until a month before her death, we carried on a sporadic correspondence. She was extremely gracious and generous to me, and I think somewhat under- recognized as a poet.  Here’s one of my favorites … Continue reading

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Living with Larry

I’m making scones. Larry is reading me snatches from the NY Times, including this from the Book Review: “When Shirley Temple Black died at 85 on Feb. 10, The Times’s obituary made brief note of her connection to Graham Greene. In … Continue reading

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