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Our guvmint

Some of you may remember that my New Year’s resolution was to read the Constitution. It’s surprisingly short and powerful. Thinking about a handful of men sitting down and conceiving a government it is awe-inspiring. What’s surprising is how few powers … Continue reading

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Tung-Hui Hu

I was reading through the Copper Canyon Reader to try to find a poem for today. This was the one I liked best, an odd, off-beat love poem: Empire of the Senses Love, the back of your mouth is delicate … Continue reading

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The power behind the Stones

An influential guy you probably never heard of, Prince Rupert zu Lowenstein, had an obituary in the Times on Friday. He was born a Bavarian aristocrat (where is Bavaria anyway? does it still exist?) and left Paris on the last plane … Continue reading

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We used to have a slim Penguin paperback, Five Polish Poets, in which I first read Tadeusz Różewicz. He was 18 at the start of World War II, and with his older brother, joined the Polish resistance. His brother was … Continue reading

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The odd job

When my youngest child started kindergarten, I began looking for a part-time job and soon started working in Oakland as a secretary for a retired businessman. Mr. Henry Bigge (prounounced Biggie) had started a hauling business with his father and built … Continue reading

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The Creative Process Blog Tour

Thanks to Carole Craig, who passed me the torch on this interesting string of posts by writers who write blogs.  I’ve been reading her blog and was inspired by her post.  I also took a look at Darran Anderson’s post (an Irish writer) and … Continue reading

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Korean Mums

Because of Mark Ford’s workshop, I have been reading his anthology The New York Poets, which includes Ashbery, O’Hara, Koch and Schuyler. This is an excellent selection of poems, with short, cogent introductions. Mark suggested I pay particular attention to James … Continue reading

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What a country!

One of Yakov Smirnoff’s signature jokes is about getting off the plane in the United States and seeing on a billboard “America Loves Smirnoff,” which he follows with the line, “What a country!” But here are two excerpts from one … Continue reading

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For my Mom…

Talking Writing has published the story of my mother’s death. As she always liked to “write up” here experiences, I wrote this one up for her.  Here is my last photo of her, two days before she died. Gladys Natchez … Continue reading

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Fat Monday

In Saturday’s WSJ, there was an article debunking the assumption that fat is implicated in heart disease: ” ‘Saturated fat does not cause heart disease’—or so concluded a big study published in March in the journal Annals of Internal Medicine… … Continue reading

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