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A day late again

Sorry to be late with your Monday poetry vitamin! I was trying yesterday to find a poem by Larry Levis to publish here, but most of his poems are very long and I couldn’t find one I really loved. So … Continue reading

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A bad farmer

This week, I decided that the two young Polish roosters had to go. I really can’t have three roosters. Cloud, my Americana rooster is a gentleman and protects his hens. I didn’t feel good about sending him to the stewpot, … Continue reading

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Levertov on Monday

Denise Levertov’s son went to my high school–he was a year younger than I, and I remember Denise Levertov coming to speak at some event–a graduation? a festival? and being impressed by her air of brooding inaccessibility. This seems to me … Continue reading

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The exemplary sentence

I am lucky to have read three excellent books in a row, Monsieur Monde Vanishes, by Georges Simenon in a new translation by Jean Stewart, My Brilliant Friend by Elena Ferrante (translated by Ann Goldstein), and The Other Language, a book … Continue reading

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Still here

I know I’ve been neglecting posts about the urban farm. This time of year is really demanding–I’ve been spending a good part of each day with the garden and chickens.  The silkies have grown into puffballs, the Polish hens have … Continue reading

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For my acupuncturist friend

Chinese Foot Chart Every part of us alerts another part. Press a spot in the tender arch and feel the scalp twitch.  We are no match for ourselves but our own release. Each touch uncatches some remote lock. Look, boats … Continue reading

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Monday Poem

Thanks to Simone who showed me this poem: Not Waving but Drowning Nobody heard him, the dead man, But still he lay moaning: I was much further out than you thought And not waving but drowning. Poor chap, he always … Continue reading

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Back from camping

Making the coffee this morning, Larry picked up my new Dean Young book and said, “You know, reading a poem takes just about the right amount of time to brew a cup of coffee.” I responded that our daughter recently told … Continue reading

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