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The exemplary sentence

I’ve been reading George Eliot’s Daniel Deronda, or rather skimming much of it. It’s long and rather overwritten, though Eliot can write! It seems to me a book that would make a wonderful period movie. The plot involves many twists, … Continue reading

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Lobster on Monday

Howard Nemerov seems almost forgotten as a poet–he died almost 25 years ago. He was not only US Poet Laureate twice, but was also the brother of Diane Arbus. This poem is fairly representative of his style. The Lobster Here at … Continue reading

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Drought Poem

This is one of the poems I’ll be reading this Saturday for the event at the North Berkeley Library, Poems of Berkeley.  Details here. Gabriel and the Water Shortage When the water shortage comes along he’s been waiting all his life … Continue reading

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New kids on the block

Once you have chickens (or at least once I do), it becomes tempting to want more exotic varieties. Four years ago I started out with six Ameraucanas, the friendly, puffy cheeked hens that lay pale green or olive eggs. Now … Continue reading

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Poems of Berkeley

As part of poetry month, Susan Cohen (a fellow poet) and I are orchestrating a reading of poems about Berkeley at the North Branch of the Berkeley Public Library on the afternoon of Saturday, April 25. Gathering poems for the … Continue reading

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Theft and recovery

On Tuesday, Larry went to his softball game where his team discovered that someone had used a bolt cutter to break open the equipment shed and stolen the defibrillator and first aid kit. An odd theft. The Creaker League has a defibrillator … Continue reading

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