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Besmirl Brigham

This is to me a difficult pseudonym for Bess Miller (Moore) Brigham, a poet who opted to spell her name phonetically. instead of Bess Miller Brigham, she used the more colloquial “Besmilr” because it was closer to the way people spoke in … Continue reading

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At Squaw Valley

It’s the end of June, and I’m at the poetry workshop in Squaw Valley. While I hardly ever publish long poems here, I heard one tonight that just blew me away. Evie Shockley talked about how poets use time, especially … Continue reading

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Thanks to David Juda, who has added me to his roster of online poets. In addition spoken versions of the works of great poets of the past, David is assembling a library of spoken poetry by living poets, curated by the … Continue reading

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Dingbats and torsos

  Perhaps you’ve never heard of Hermann Zapf, but you’ve probably seen the odd font called Zapf Dingbats.  That’s Hermann’s name in his eponymous font. In addition to that zany computer font, Mr. Zapf designed Palatino and Optima, two of my … Continue reading

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A hard rain

A friend asked me to show her a poem by Tony Hoagland that “hit it out of the park.” I hope this qualifies: Hard Rain After I heard It’s a Hard Rain’s Gonna Fall played softly by an accordion quartet … Continue reading

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Two great phrases

Once in awhile, someone comes up with a phrase that really nails an experience with vivid exactness. This weekend, talking with a new friend about our mutual disgust with the tedious prose of Karl Ove Knausgård  (the author of the biographical … Continue reading

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The exemplary sentence

I picked up a novel by John D. MacDonald, and while I don’t think he’s in the same class as Raymond Chandler or Dashiell Hammet, he wrote a lovely description of the start of a hurricane: “It began earlier, and in … Continue reading

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Roethke for Monday

If you’ve never read Theodore Roethke, you have a treat in store. He has written some of the lushest poems about gardens, dirt, and decay that you’d ever want to read, a lovely villanelle and many profound, longer poems.  Today … Continue reading

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