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Rilke for Monday

I only know Rilke’s work in translation, mostly by Stephen Mitchell. Here’s a sample from Sonnets to Orpheus, about the myth of Orpheus trying to rescue his lover, Eurydice from the underworld. If you don’t know the story, here’s a … Continue reading

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The exemplary sentence

I don’t read much non-fiction, but somehow the biography of Eduard Limonov made it onto my reading list.  Limonov is a Russian celebrity full of contradictions, poet, political antihero, bum, author–an interesting guy. The book is written by a French author, Emmanuel Carrère, and translated … Continue reading

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Thinking about poetry

Sometimes I just get tired of poetry altogether and need a break. I had a period like that this month–no writiing, reading nothing that seemed worth the trouble. Then I went to see the wonderful claymation film: Shaun the Sheep Movie. … Continue reading

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Riding the rails

As promised, this is the story of how Larry and I rode the rails on a yacht strapped to a freight car. It starts with our trying to hitchhike west from Montreal. We got a few hundred miles, but then no … Continue reading

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Monday again

An industrious week–pear jam, gazpacho, chicken stock, yard cleanup… the delicious tasks of summer. Though it doesn’t say so, this seems like a summer poem to me. A Boat In the Forest Sixty miles from a lake, no river or … Continue reading

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Thinking about stock

Yesterday, as I made stock out of my two newly butchered hens, I decided to read about stock in Serious Eats. My stock method is mostly just throw whatever scraps I have into the pot and simmer for hours. But these … Continue reading

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The Halal butcher

As my chickens get beyond laying age, I’ve been giving them to my Ethiopian friend who is willing to slaughter them for fresh meat. But today I decided to try something different. I took my two oldest hens deep into … Continue reading

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Gone to seed

Because of the drought, I did no planting this spring, and instead let existing things go to seed. As I result, I have my own fennel and coriander seeds from the garden, as well as lots of chicken food! But here … Continue reading

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Elizabeth Bishop

This narrative poem by Elizabeth Bishop seems so plainly written, yet I think it’s pretty extraordinary. In the Waiting Room In Worcester, Massachusetts, I went with Aunt Consuelo to keep her dentist’s appointment and sat and waited for her in … Continue reading

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