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Haiku by whom?

Recently, there was a literary scandal when a poem by Yi Fen Chu, chosen for inclusion in Best American Poetry 2015, turned out to be written by Michael Hudson, who said the poem had been rejected 40 times when submitted under his own name; he … Continue reading

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Reading to each other

Since we were first together, Larry and I have read to each other–over breakfast, while making dinner, or just when something good struck the eye.  This morning, we were both reading different articles by Peggy Noonan. I read him this, … Continue reading

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An exemplary sentence

Georges Simenon is known better for his Inspector Maigret novels than his darker, more literary “romans durs.” The latter present a bleak, existential universe without much pleasure. But the short who-done-its are restful to read. The world is orderly, and … Continue reading

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Not exactly a poem

But when I was thinking about what poem to post today, I remembered this as a poem and went searching for it: Mine is a most peaceable disposition. My wishes are: a humble cottage with a thatched roof, but a … Continue reading

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Dorothy Parker

She was famous for her wit, and her boss at the New Yorker, Harold Ross, was famous for his penury.  Larry read me a quip Parker made when Ross was berating her  because one of her assignments was late: “I’m sorry,” Parker … Continue reading

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Fall garden

Because of the drought, I didn’t plant a summer garden, but everyone’s predicting massive rains this winter, so I turned on the irrigation and started seeds in flats. I use old plant holders or egg cartons, or anything that holds … Continue reading

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Verde que te quiero verde

The first poet I read in translation who captured my imagination was Federico García Lorca (his full name is Federico del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús García Lorca, or Federico Sacred Heart of Jesus García Lorca!).  I knew nothing about Franco, the … Continue reading

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Poets in translation

The other day at lunch a friend and I were talking about the wealth of wonderful poems in translation. Here is one, for which we are indebted to Robert Bly: I have a feeling that my boat has struck, down … Continue reading

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Phil Woods

It seems to me I first heard of Phil Woods while in college. Now he’s gone, and Larry read me portions of his obituary over breakfast yesterday. According to Larry, who has seen him in person, he was a great story … Continue reading

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