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The Exemplary Sentence

I read about Bette Howland and her memoir/novel Blue in Chicago in the NY Times obituaries last month. She was a a protege (and perhaps lover) of Saul Bellow and had a troubled life.           I … Continue reading

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From Tony Hoagland’s new book

There is nothing to say about this poem–just buy the book. The Age of Iron When I see an ironing board folded in the closet of a motel room, and the iron resting like a sledgehammer on the shelf above, … Continue reading

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Of resolutions and poetry

I have a system for New Year’s resolutions that works well for me: Aim small and succeed. I’ve discussed this before.  But to update the list, I’ve since added: drive courteously (three years ago), no movie theater popcorn (two years … Continue reading

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