This is Meryl Natchez’ website. My first book of poems, Jade Suit, was published in 2001, and I was co-translator of Tadeusz Borowski, Selected Poems, 1991.

Now I have the luxury of immersing myself in writing, reading, and creating a little mini-farm overlooking the San Francisco Bay. I’m having such a great time that I started this blog. It includes poems (mine and others), inventions, recipes, urban farm and chicken-lore, and whatever else rolls into my day.  For more about my this blog and its context, see the first post.

I’m a lover of labyrinths, and see connecting to the web as an extension of the metaphor that I’ve embodied in a labyrinth outside my front door:


Like this blog, it’s a work in progress, changing daily. You can find an explanation for the name of this blog here.

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  1. Lynette says:

    love the composter! I must show Paul – he will be so impressed at your mechanical prowess…who knew? 🙂 And this will also prove to him that you can feed corn cobs to the garbage disposal! your garden looks lovely 🙂

    • Meryl says:

      Thanks, Lynette. As for the cobs, break them in half and feed them in only if you have a heavy duty disposal–I don’t want to be responsible for plumbing charges. Mine is 3/4 horsepower. This may mean something to him.

  2. Betsy Brown says:

    Hi Meryl – I really like your blog. And I like your take on food. Yum.

  3. Tom Rankin says:

    Hi, Meryl. I really like your blog too, and am delighted that share an interest in Mark Doty’s poetry! Did you know Steven shares birthdays with Mark Doty?

  4. Lois Powers says:

    I wanted to contact Roberto Chavez, as I knew him decades ago when he lived with Ana and the children in Sherman Oaks. I was stunned by his work at the Autry and want to tell him that and to re-connect. Can you help?

  5. david juda says:

    Hi Meryl,

    You may or may not remember me.

    My name is David (formerly Rick/Ricky) Juda.
    Yet another Putneyite.

    Stumbled across your visually unfocused yet literally sharp youtube.
    The one with the spot-on paean to Lying and the – dare I say it –
    breezily refreshing Fart Ode.


    If you wish to contact me – please do.
    If you don’t – by all means, do not.

    your friend,


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