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Activism and perspective

It was great to participate in the Women’s March this past weekend, and I am planning to follow through with Indivisible, going to my senators’ local district offices on Resist Trump Tuesday. If you want to know more about this, … Continue reading

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After the revolution, who’s going to pick up the garbage on Monday morning?

This is a line from Mirele Laderman Ukeles’ Manifesto, written in 1969. Part of the avant-guard art scene in New York in the sixties, after having her first child she noticed there was no time for art–only maintenance: diapers, cooking, cleaning, … Continue reading

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I want to post a few photos from my New York trip. The first two are from the Fischli and Weiss exhibit at the Guggenheim I posted about last week.  A photo of their credo, “How to Work Better,” and a … Continue reading

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Fischli and Weiss

The Guggenheim Museum is showing the work of two collaborators, Peter Fischli and David Weiss. The highlight of the show for me is a 30-minute video, The Way Things Go, of a series of objects interacting in an extended chain … Continue reading

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Making apple cider

This weekend I picked apples and made cider with my granddaughter, and then found this poem, a little darker than our thoughts, which were full of the fun of the process and the delicious sweetness of the fresh cider.  

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Thinking about poetry

Sometimes I just get tired of poetry altogether and need a break. I had a period like that this month–no writiing, reading nothing that seemed worth the trouble. Then I went to see the wonderful claymation film: Shaun the Sheep Movie. … Continue reading

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Dingbats and torsos

  Perhaps you’ve never heard of Hermann Zapf, but you’ve probably seen the odd font called Zapf Dingbats.  That’s Hermann’s name in his eponymous font. In addition to that zany computer font, Mr. Zapf designed Palatino and Optima, two of my … Continue reading

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The Judith Lee Stronach Memorial Lecture

Last night I attended a marvelous talk by Rachel Tzvia Back, called “‘This Bequest of Wings’ on Teaching Poetry in a Region of Conflict.” It was one of a series of lectures sponsored by Ray Lifchez in memory of his … Continue reading

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Randy Neuman

A few years ago, we heard Randy Neuman live at the San Francisco Opera House. Although his voice isn’t what it once was, his showmanship is brilliant. When the children were small we taught them “Political Science,” and it would be … Continue reading

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Next week I’m heading to New York for the William Dickey Memorial Broadside Contest reading. Mark Doty will be the featured reader.  He’s a marvelous poet.  Here’s  one of my favorites of his poems. Migratory Near evening, in Fairhaven, Massachusetts, seventeen … Continue reading

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