IMG_1021I know it’s poetry Monday, but as I’ve been camping all week, no poem today. Instead, a little preview of the current exhibit at Terminal 3 at SFO. What a great idea to have art in the long corridor that leads from airport security to the gates. As we all have time to spare  at the airport these days, it’s a pleasure to be able to wander through a corridor of art or artifacts.

My eye was caught by this typewriter rake, part of the current Recology: Artist in Residence exhibit.  This program gives artists a bunch of junk (or as they put it, “discarded materials”) a studio space and a stipend. Here are a few samples:


A stool with three wheels for a base,  trees made out of saws, a jeep made out of styrofoam, and a metal cat.





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5 Responses to Recology

  1. Simone Treacy-Croft says:

    I would love to see camping stories and photos that illustrate them. What are the chances I might see them?

  2. Meryl says:

    This is possible…

  3. L.G.Miller says:

    were those at the airport? Great Ideas!

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