Cliff DeYoung and Beckett

Cliff DeYoung in MollyAn intriguing poem about stones at the recent Squaw Valley Poetry Workshop reminded me of this wonderful monologue from Molly. Cliff DeYoung performed this monologue at Cal State LA as part of a tribute to Beckett on his 100th’s birthday. I don’t think it could be done better!

If Cliff looks familiar to you (even in disguise) it’s because of his many TV and movie roles. Although it’s hard to choose, my personal favorite is his work as Dianne Wiest’s abusive husband in that wonderful movie Independence Day. This is not the blockbuster sic-fi film, but the 1983 movie with Kathleen Quinlan, Dianne Weist, Cliff DeYoung and David Keith. Definitely worth a watch!



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2 Responses to Cliff DeYoung and Beckett

  1. Simone Treacy-Croft says:

    glad to see that you are back from Squaw Valley.
    Squaw Valley Poetry
    Squaw Valley Poetry Workshop.
    How wonderful to have returned from Squaw Valley.
    I have searched and searched for your camping reportage and have not been able
    to locate it.
    Give me a hint.

  2. Meryl says:

    Hi, Simone–I will email you links to camping photos.

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