International Book Week

To celebrate International Book Week, open to the book closest to you right now. Turn to page 52. Copy the fifth sentence in the comments section below. Don’t mention the title. Thanks to Bill Noble for this idea!

“Voice: Croaking and growling sounds, mainly at nest site.”

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9 Responses to International Book Week

  1. Jackie Shepler says:

    page 52 on the book closest to me is blank.

  2. Maureen Solomon says:

    Create a setting for one or more of the following and furnish a place with his character — you create the character through observation of the setting.

  3. Linda Lawrence says:

    A certain brother, who was giving himself to prayer at the time, saw in the bright moonlight all these things.

  4. Meryl says:

    Ah–the bright moonlight reveals so much!

  5. Tung says:

    下图 (lower picture):

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