The paw of time

My friend Simone sent me a link to an unusual online art exhibit. ┬áThere is a certain charm to these simple watercolors, “made anonymously in India (especially in Rajasthan) by practitioners of Tantrism.”

After looking through them, I was moved especially by The Paw of Time. It seemed so intuitively accurate to me.

I wrote about it, and sent my friend the poem. After some back and forth and her excellent edits, here it is.

The Paw of Time

when I finally discerned
the crude paw shape,
heavy and inhuman,
its smooth edges without malice
its force irresistible
I recognized it
right away


Simone herself is an amazing artist whose work I’ve been enjoying for decades. She regularly posts her photographs on Facebook. ┬áMaybe she’ll comment with her Facebook ID, so you can friend her and see them.




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  1. Simone Treacy-Croft says:

    discerned nailed it!

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